In the US we Have:

from this source In the USA, we have: 7000 taxi medallions. 8 Major Film Studio Companies. (‘The Majors’) 15 Large Banks. 3 Major Radio Stations. 3 Major Labels. 2 Major Ticketing companies. 2 Major broadband providers. 2 Major telcos. ~150 MVNOs. (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) 10 Major Movie Theater Chains. 4 Big Accounting Companies. (“The Big 4.”) 10 […]

Black and Brown Non-Technical ‘VP of Sales’ are Unicorns

visit I analyzed over 2000 VP of Sales Profiles on LinkedIn. I was trying to edit my lackluster LinkedIn Profile to look more like a VP of Sales profile. I always try to make data driven decisions. Heuristics for Becoming a VP of Sales for Brown/Black People. Use the NamSor API to optimize for northern European names. […]

My Theory About The Rate At Which Software is Eating the World

Kumar’s Law:  Over the history of software programming and app development, I’ve observed that the the number of developers and/or technologies/APIs and/or costs and/or education required to build an app will decrease by 2x every 2 years. Graveyard Code.  No-one can be sure just how many apps exist in the marketplace. One of the primary issues […]