How On-Demand and Subscription Startups Juice Growth, Raise Money, and Die

index I’ve chosen Freshly to pick on, but let’s be real, there’s tons of them that we’ve seen in the last few years. How Grows Really Big and Fails. We can’t do forensic accounting on digital fraud, but I think that’s what has actually occurred here. The question is whether or not the investors are […]

Twilio IPO Thoughts

robaxin overnight delivery SMS Background You would think that this problem would have been solved decades ago, but because the internet is built on standards that competitors must agree upon – typically called ‘protocols’, these standards take a long time to get adopted and a longer time to work with other standards. One of the most basic mobile […]

The Broken Egg Theory

aczone australia I think grit is a fundamental resource to survive. I have this theory called the “broken egg theory.” If you help a chicken break out of its egg, it will die. You cannot use a silver spoon crack the egg. The chick has to get its heart rate high enough by itself otherwise it dies.   “By helping […]