About Me


Me with a dog named Batman. In my free time, I love taking care of dogs and drumming.

Hi there. Here is a list of bullet points that summarizes my existence:

  • I help tech companies solve hard marketing and ops problems. 2x SaaS founder. I really do love what I do and work 7 days a week.
  • I became an engineer to “change the world.”
  • Some of my customers have described me as a “force of nature” but really I’m just more obsessed than most people.
  • I live in San Francisco, enjoy reading, studying foreign languages, walking dogs, and playing Classical Indian and Arab music on the tablas and darbukas.
  • I am an advisor to Efabless, Ava Winery, HDPHealth, and Semantic.MD. 

In the past,

  • I founded and led LeanBeltsLinkTexting, and GrowAmp.
  • I was an early intern/member at Scan Tech Sciences and Lehigh Technologies where I gained a knack for high throughput manufacturing design, particle accelerators, polymers, and much more.
  • I studied Industrial Systems Engineering with a focus on Operations Research at Georgia Tech. I had hoped to complete a degree in Polymer-Textile Fiber Engineering til they shut down the program half way through.
  • I was born in Nashville, and bounced a bit between countries, and primarily grew up in Houston, Texas.

To learn more,