I help B2B and B2C Technology Companies Blitzkrieg Markets.

If you need my help, get in touch with me by contacting kumar(at)engineersf(dot)com.

My methods are unconventional, edgy, non-obviated. If you work for a supplements or nootropics company, please don’t email me.


  • Lead Engine (Starts at $4K)
    • I can build you an engine that generates 2K-100K leads per/month.
    • Never pay a static price per a lead and you should always pay up front for the lead engine.
  • Machine Learning & Data Science Projects (Starts at $4K)
    • My team and I have worked on many different data sets:
      • Data mining
      • Enrichment
      • Entity recognition
      • Linear Optimization
      • Heuristic Development
      • Machine Learning
    • We have a strong portfolio of projects working on logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, and fintech problems.
  • The Hacky Stuff (Starts at $4K)
    • Bots
    • Lead Qualification Engines
    • Outbound Emails that have higher response rates.
  • Product Launches (Starts at $1K)
    • If you’re launching a product and need help, here are the things I can help you implement, grow, and think through:
      • Journalist Outbound Emails
      • Landing Page Optimization/Configuration
      • Analytics
        • A surprising number of people get this wrong at launch.
      • ProductHunt Launch
      • Pricing
      • Viral Waitlist Implementation and Design