If I Was Betting On the Future of Genetics

http://ndmseafoodexport.com/23b0 If I was betting the future on genetics, I might hold on to my money til it gets extremely cheap to do full exome sequencing and medical records aggregation. There’s probably going to be 20-40 companies doing both of these things. (Full exome sequencing and medical records aggregation). In the interim, I’d focus on methodologies that […]

My Landing Page Workflow

go to the website Use Instapage.com + FlatIcon.com Saves time + Testimonial Saves money + Testimonials Fear of missing out/industrial Grade Benefits Claim + testimonial Email 3 friends and ask for feedback/critique and ask if it makes sense? Edit Your Page based on feedback. Repeat steps through 1-3 a few times. Once you’ve repeated….. Go to GoodUI.org and benchmark […]

Twilio IPO Thoughts

SMS Background You would think that this problem would have been solved decades ago, but because the internet is built on standards that competitors must agree upon – typically called ‘protocols’, these standards take a long time to get adopted and a longer time to work with other standards. One of the most basic mobile […]

A List of The Technology Companies That Make Healthcare IT Easier

I hope that a lot of developers learn just how much easier it is to build healthcare applications today than it was several years ago. The environment has completely changed and the industry is ready for a large influx of innovation/funding The burden is still on the founding team to find good problems and understand […]

2 Very Tough Problems for Uber & Lyft

Phone Directionality: Often times the GPS and maps systems do not know which direction the vehicle is going in. Uturns on City Streets: The google maps app does not account for the legal capability to do a uturn in the middle of a city street or city side street.  

Tools for online Marketing & Sales / Product Launch

Waitlisting People. queueat.com maitreapp.com betalist.com untorch.com Pushing Product promotehour.com StartupLister.com pitchpigeon.com – mixed reviews Lead Mining clearbit.com – mine the leads, find mega influencers who sign up, get them to blog about and promote you. http://gatech.tumblr.com/post/90187294409/10-ways-to-digitally-snipe-someone Benchmark your product site: goodui.org – nail these standards before you launch. iterate, give to customers, re-do til your […]

Behooved by The System

The more I learn how clinical trials, publicly traded pharma, IP rights,hedge funds, and how the USDA operates, the more behooved I become by the system. I feel like an old man in a castle who has barely just began to see out the tower. Clinical Trials We have a prolific drug industry who makes […]

Make Twitter Great Again

I’ll start by saying I love twitter, but there’s some elephants in the room and they have to be slain for twitter to come out winning. I don’t think twitter can win by trying to build out new features, but by doubling down on the things that worked in the past. The people at twitter […]