Kumar Thangudu is an engaged growth marketing speaker that never fails to deliver. A combination of years of engineering and marketing automation experience, coupled together with a ‘No BS’ attitude to getting things done, Kumar is as energetic in picking people out of the audience, as he is empathetic towards business owners, prolific creators, and entrepreneurs in general.

Given the brutality of sitting in an audience and listening to an expert go on and on, Kumar makes sure to keep things extremely interactive and contextual by keeping the presentations up to date and picking out real life examples of implementations and growth workflows.

Actionable Growth Tactics With Some Personality
Almost all of Kumar’s sessions are based around the ‘How To Take Advantage of Systems’ to achieve desired results.By the time attendees are done digesting his presentations, they have useful actionable workflows and tactics.Kumar stays aware of high and low points during the presentation and injects humor when necessary.

Current Keynote Speaking Topics

How to Source Leads Like a Boss – Over 50 different tips and tactics.

Lessons Learned from Building out Over 30+ Automated Sales and Marketing Funnels – Lessons and in depth trench level studies of different lead funnels and experiences on how to build them. In real time, Kumar grabs people from the audience, gets to know their customer base, and outlines strategies and tactics for building out lead funnels.