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I analyzed over 2000 VP of Sales Profiles on LinkedIn. I was trying to edit my lackluster LinkedIn Profile to look more like a VP of Sales profile. I always try to make data driven decisions. Heuristics for Becoming a VP of Sales for Brown/Black People. Use the NamSor API to optimize for northern European names.… buy cheap generic Lamictal online canada pharmacy no prescription

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Obsession  In the past 2 years, I’ve monitored 300,000+ Web & Mobile Apps that launch on over 60+ launch sites, the iOS App Store, and through friends’ recommendations. In this post, I hope to share some of the lessons I’ve had from talking to almost 1000 developers/founders of apps and using 20,000 of them as well.… buy generic Lamictal online

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I was sitting in a small room with a group of Israelis, Americans, and Russians for our weekly meetings. As people continued talking passive aggressively, an elephant appeared in the corner. It started growing larger and almost as if by magic, people started moving around to accommodate the elephant even to the point of discomfort.… buy Lamictal without a prescription

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Kumar’s Law:  Over the history of software programming and app development, I’ve observed that the the number of developers and/or technologies/APIs and/or costs and/or education required to build an app will decrease by 2x every 2 years. Graveyard Code.  No-one can be sure just how many apps exist in the marketplace. One of the primary issues… buy non prescription drugs generic Lamictal