3 Fintech Companies That Make Web Developers More Money

Kumar Thangudu

April 09, 2020

I’ve spent time researching developer founders who have made outsized returns. I’ve found that many of the ones making beaucoups of money are signed up for fintech companies that most of the developers I’ve met have never even heard of. Developers who know how these technologies work and have used them before have a higher probability of achieving wealth.

I’ve outlined them here.

Very Good Security

By building your app with this technology out of the box you achieve a superb-lifehack on locking down enterprise contracts because you’ll achieve end-to-end compliance in no time flat. You can also solve for the data custody problem because they tokenize many modalities of data. VeryGoodSecurity.com




You can build securities trading into your applications with commission free trading. Alpaca is the fastest onramp for a developer to sign up and begin trading stocks with algorithms. If you have a theory on the markets and a modicum of math knowledge, you can wrangle.




I fully 1000% believe this company will wreck credit card volumes. They are a weapon that enable ACH/Wire/ and other transaction modalities for developers building financial platforms. If you’re a startup or a large scale fintech platform, you’d be stupid not to use ModernTreasury, as it is an automatic tool to increase margin.

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