Tumblr Getting it Right

Tumblr Getting it Right

tldr: Solivagant night leads to cool UX discovery. Tumblr gets it right.

Wandering Tumblr for Inspiration

My work schedule is pseudorandom. Sometimes, for motivation, I browse tumblr. I run searches that get me amped up about life or surface very real stuff.

War Zones, Iraq-Iran War, and Photography

I’ll explore the works of Goran Tomasevic, the nature of the Iran-Iraq war, browse the halls of Remi Ochlik and Marie Colvin, or keywords that help me learn new things.

When Guardian Discontinued 24 hours in pictures , my only resolve was Tumblr

Tumblr browsing for me stems from my obsession with photography that used to populate my RSS feed from the Guardian’s recently discontinued 24 hours in photos.

Recently discontinued. I used to find amazing photography here.

The image that turned me into a photography lurker was the Faris Odeh photo, an iconic photo of a boy throwing a rock at a tank. I do this to delude myself of the idea that I have any problems here in the USA. Most of my problems in the USA are trivial. I’m very happy to be here.

Tonight I ran into something unexpected that I’ve never seen in any UX of the 3000+ web apps I’ve used.

This evening I began my browsing with specific words:




The last word was amazing. For one simple reason. Tumblr got it right in a way I haven’t ever seen in search functionality on any community app in search. They really thought through recency, frequency, and conversion. They thought through the dynamics of behavior, motivation, ability, trigger, and responded elegantly. I’m an extremely happy person, but this small search query modal amazed me.

Tumblr Getting it Right.

I figure it was worth sharing.

That is all.

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