A List of The Technology Companies That Make Healthcare IT Easier

I hope that a lot of developers learn just how much easier it is to build healthcare applications today than it was several years ago. The environment has completely changed and the industry is ready for a large influx of innovation/funding

The burden is still on the founding team to find good problems and understand the decision trees of healthcare industry players.

If you’re thinking about building a healthcare company or anything in the healthcare space, it’s worth knowing about these.

EMR Records Aggregation









PicnicHealth – If you’re developing an application and want to preview what records look like in here, I’m happy to share mine with anyone who’s trying to make an impact in healthcare/biopharma, just contact me. (kumarovski@) rhymes with oogle . com)

HIPAA Compliance
There’s a host of SDKs that revolve around spinning up HIPAA compliant applications. They’re each worth looking at.





Google & Amazon HIPAA Capabilities/Offerings to Developers
There’s even large Fortune 500’s playing in the space of making HIPAA compliant backends more viable for the early stage innovator.

Google’s HIPAA Offering

Amazon’s HIPAA Offering

If you’re working on healthcare’s toughest problems, feel free to reach out to me. Hope this helps.

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