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What unites us

  • Our Mission

    Our core mission is to help founders be exhaustively resourceful at achieving their goal and do so in a way that doesn’t involve rapidly increasing headcount.

  • Our Convenant

    Our covenant is to help people fix the issues with their business and help course correct if the blueprint is wrong. In our younger years, we’d drive traffic to businesses with bad unit economics and founders who were essentially taking pension backed VC funds and dumping on passive index funds. Now we primarily work with founders who are mission driven. We’ll have no trouble in calling out nonsense inside a startup if we see it. Our ability to not be driven by money, gives us a level of gravitas not afforded to other consultancies.

  • Our Ethos

    Receiving VC financing is a privilege and we actively deplore irreverent non-hellbent founders. We can recognise if a founder cares more about appearances than substance, and founders who don’t care enough will lose the opportunity to work with us if we spot this behaviour in them.

  • Investors

    We’ve seen good, bad, and ugly products, markets, and teams. (Sometimes investors too) and one of the ways we’ve 10x-100x’d our returns is by investing in some of the companies we’ve worked with.

  • Our Drive

    We’re not driven by money and we’ve said no to plenty of founders, sometimes even public companies.

Kumar’s advice has been invaluable for my company, QuickNode! We implemented his non-obvious tactical approach and it started yielding results to the tune of thousands of dollars on day one and still produce results for us 2.5 years later. 10/10 would recommend

What unites us

Auston Bunsen

Co-founder of QuickNode. Executing on vision

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EngineerSF is led by a tactical combo of engineer-marketer that gives it a fundamental advantage in any environment.