Some of our best work; we don’t talk about online.

We've built growth infrastructure used to scale companies to 100's of millions of dollars in marketplace volume 3 times in a row in real estate hard money, securities, and more. How we did it is more of a best kept secret.

Kumar is probably among the most creative and relentless growth marketers alive today. His creativity is best compared to Leonardo Da Vinci, but leveraging a multitude of APIs, scraping , and various ad platforms instead of a paintbrush.

Peter O'Malley CEO & Founder @

My team and I help founders and executive teams scale their companies by building custom growth marketing infrastructure with everything ranging from large scale scrapers and crawlers with NLP baked in to automated cold selling bots. We specialize in helping companies with non-obvious growth experiments that give them an unfair market edge over competitors.


What differentiates the EngineerSF team is that our squad consists of all former founders and technologists who have bootstrapped and scaled companies to 100’s of millions of dollars, transactions, impressions, etc… prior to becoming consultants. 

We are not a shop that shills PR, ads, hiring more white collar staff, or any of the obvious workflows that pervade the marketing mindset of Silicon Valley. 

We also always think of creative ways to have skin in the game on the companies we help scale.