My Best Sales Automation and Cold Outbound Posts These are some of my best sales automation and cold outbound posts: [emaillocker] [/emaillocker]

Email Deliverability Brouhaha

news Don’t overdo it with HTML. Keep it nice but with content. Some ISPs block emails based on how many they receive from an address in a period of time, but that’s just part of the game. is pretty good. Send the e-mails from different addresses to different batches of your users. LinkedIn emails get in […]

4,000 Kilometers Through My Own Country – An Engineer’s Viewpoint

5 years ago, I went 4000 Km-ish on motorcycles, trains, planes, and buses through India.   I hadn’t been back to India in over a decade. If you were to travel my country as an systems engineer, you would be well accustomed to infant mortality, coal skies, lignite coal plants, distillation towers that were unmaintained, […]

How to Be the Pablo Escobar of Leads And Get 500M+ Emails

I’m going to periodically keep adding items to this list. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s pretty good. I’ve always agreed with Rommel: “The battle is fought and decided by the quartermasters, long before the shooting begins.” I think this is true of web as well. The internet is a gangster’s paradise, I’ve always believed you […]

18 Marketing and Distribution Tactics for Documentary Film Makers

I decided to write this post after meeting a documentary film maker. I was learning from her how the film industry works. I know very little about it, but one thing I do know about is online distribution and marketing tactics, so I decided to put together a compilation of growth tactics that curates the […]

500+ Cold Email Templates

My Thoughts On Black Lives Matter

Condoleeza Rice taught me something a few years ago. She was blabbing but in there was some gold. She declared that “The story that’s easiest to retell usually wins.” There are stories that are hard to tell and retell. The complicated story of what it is to be black in this country is not one […]