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On Friday I sat in a bank.

I was once a professional drummer in New Orleans doing random tech gigs as I could find them for all of 2013. This post is

Customers Talking About Crypto Exchanges on Twitter

Dear @coinbase fuck you you fucking fucks you fucking suck. — Blair Underwood (@BlairUnderwoo14) May 22, 2017 @rg0rd @coinbase @MtGox waiting for an email after depositing $50k on monday to “verify

Referral Tools Alternatives To

My Best Sales Automation and Cold Outbound Posts

These are some of my best sales automation and cold outbound posts:

Email Deliverability Brouhaha

Don’t overdo it with HTML. Keep it nice but with content. Some ISPs block emails based on how many they receive from an address in a period

Within 3 Minutes Of A Founder Brainstorming With Us,
They’ll Know How We’re Different.