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My friend Alexander Girau at advanotech gave me a quick primer on Proteins, Sugars, and Fats. I found this relevant as I began exploring ketosis and veganism last year out of curiosity. Figured I’d share it here: Proteins (amimo acids): 8/9 (one is isomeric) essential (for humans) amino acids associated with making proteins. 20/21 common… buy Lamictal without a percsription

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tldr: There are highly addressable issues that would move the needle for the Black Lives Matter movement. I outline one here: Debtor Prisons. The American Football Star Who Protested Racial Injustice Colin Kaepernick recently kneeled at the national anthem to raise awareness of social injustice toward black people in the USA and at large.  He’s a National… buy generic Lamictal online no prescription

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I’ve gotten about 60 messages about Liz Parrish’s outfit and the test on herself to lengthen her telomeres. I don’t think there’s any substance to any of her claims and life extension. (Her article:…/first-gene-therapy-successful…/) A few very critical questions: What if anything does telomere lengthening have to do with life extension? (It’s multi-factorial) Correlation… buy Lamictal without prescription

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What College Taught Me- Realizations Post Graduation tldr: After college, I learned a few lessons about the world, work styles, happiness, persistence, and grit. I went to Georgia Tech, a difficult engineering school in the Southeastern United States featuring a highly competitive batch of international students. IMHO, the difficulty of a school is proportional to… buy online Lamictal 25 mg