Customers Talking About Crypto Exchanges on Twitter

Kumar Thangudu

May 24, 2017

Dear @coinbase fuck you you fucking fucks you fucking suck.

— Blair Underwood (@BlairUnderwoo14) May 22, 2017

@rg0rd @coinbase @MtGox waiting for an email after depositing $50k on monday to “verify my device” that never comes.. Funny an account I have with $0 gets the email

— Glenn Crystal (@GlennSCrystal) May 25, 2017

And the award for the worst support of any financial service goes to: @coinbase congrats!

— Kolja Schlütter (@KoljaSchluetter) May 25, 2017

#coinbase dying, every other screen is:$btc $eth $ltc

— BlueDreamZzZz (@Seattleite420) May 25, 2017

@CoinbaseSupport Hey coinbase. My bitcoin are missing. I had 3k in it. And it said pending. Whats is wrong!!!!!!!!

— Vic (@GhostproHunter) May 25, 2017

@Lisieuuux @factom Thanks. But a question – I’ve read that Poloniex has had problems…frozen withdrawals, etc. What’s the situation now?

— Deon Opperman (@deonopperman6) May 25, 2017

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