Data Dump #1

Kumar Thangudu

February 10, 2023

My team and I are going to start doing data dumps of intriguing things we’ve found. Here’s the first one.

In a month, as a team we generally look at several hundred charts and graphs many times for the purpose of figuring out how we will acquire customers and distribution for a new product or technology, I’ll be hand picking a few to feature here periodically.

In the last 30 days, I’ve become particularly fascinated with crypto-lucky-poker-playing-journalist-of-sorts turned fedramp’d government contractor and technology investor Chuck Johnson. Whether you like him or not, his questions are seemingly valid and he should force you to think a bit.

He gives me insight into what I deem to be the montauk trust-wad-ery of DC, NYC, LA, and SF entering rooms I haven’t, etc… Be prepared to see a lot of information about people, his blog posts read like a data dump of implications on a long dossier of people I don’t know but observe from the outside. I’ve shared some info from areas of his content.

I can count on my hand how many times I’ve come across blogs with interesting relationship data that I didn’t know or couldn’t possibly fathom. (Finance) (Biotech, Genetics) (Macro & Labor). – I instantly read as much of their material as possible, because I was fascinated.

Here’s the first data dump:

  • 3%-5% of all of the world’s natural gas is required to generate fertilizer that provides food for 50% of the world’s population.
  • California has ~180K people who generate ~15% of the state’s total tax revenue. ~50% of those people left in the last 24-36 months. The pension debt is astonishingly high.
  • California ranks as the 5th largest economy on the planet in terms of GDP if it were listed as a country.
  • India has ~25M 8 year olds.
  • Florida has 1% YOY population growth and New York has 1% YOY population decline.
  • The Colorado river system supports 40M people and is drying up and is horrifically mismanaged. Image
  • India used to take 400+ days for a fiberoptic permit, it now only takes 16 days with the new gati shakti program. 
  • I shared a thread on mining here on twitter. 
  • As the number of Satellites goes up, the number of troops goes down or so it seems. The USA is the country with the most satellites in space. ImageImage


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