Do we need a Human Data Project(HDP)?

Do we need a Human Data Project(HDP)?

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was started in the late 1980’s with the goal of mapping all the chemical base pairs which make up DNA and mapping genes. It was expected to take 15 years and finished 7 years early. It’s even cheaper to sequence DNA now.

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Its value was seeminglyimmense, but is certainly open to analysis and questioning.Companies like 23andme.comnow sell a $99 spit kit offering valuable health and ancestry information.

Eric Green of the Human Genome Research Institute gives a pretty good Q&A session on it here.

There are certainly some interesting stories of how the human genome project and technology interacted over the years. I grabbed these links from

In short the HGP taught us things we didn’t know about ourselves. I think something similar is necessary for healthcare data.

Human Data Project, Why Now?

There’s a lot of relevant companies now collecting directly relevant health data about individuals. To list a few, we have:

  • AliveCor, an EKG iphone case.
  • FitBit, a movement tracker.
  •, a behavioral analytics mobile app.
  • NSA a phone conversation and keyword counter for every US citizen.
  • CellScope a mobile diagnosis venture
  • Biosense a non invasive anemia test. In the coming years, we may be able to detect more using electroplethysmography as the means to measure and diagnose other key indicators of health.

There are a few companies I believe are trying to build something like aHuman Data Project. The missing piece of the pie seems to be the ability to consolidate and donate my healthcare records the same way I might donate my organs. I was hoping to find a button like this somewhere on the internet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

The goal would be to map records of the following for each human in the project.

  • Diets
  • Movement
  • Social Activity
  • Biological Indicators
  • Environment

People should be able anonymize their healthcare data and push it to a large database for the betterment of humanity.

I hope this at the very least creates a viable discussion about the Human Data Project(HDP) and its potential relevance moving forward. HN Thread Here:

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