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Email Deliverability Brouhaha

  • Don’t overdo it with HTML. Keep it nice but with content.
  • Some ISPs block emails based on how many they receive from an address in a period of time, but that’s just part of the game.
  • is pretty good.
  • Send the e-mails from different addresses to different batches of your users.
  • LinkedIn emails get in because they have properly configured e-mail via SPF and DKIM, they are double opt-in, and they somehow work with google and microsoft. (Without double opt-in you get marked as spam more often. – I have no idea whether you already do this.)
  • Having malformed message-Ids where the domain in the message-ID does not match the sending domain.
  • Use this:
  • Have an easy unsubscribe button.
  • Avoid link shorteners
  • Use litmus to test against spam filters
  • Use
  • Compress your images. (
  • Ask a subscriber to add the email-list address to their address book (right on the subscribe form) and briefly explain why.
  • Enable a double opt-in subscription process, and send a plain-text confirmation which includes a request to add the email-list address to a recipient’s address book. And, again, briefly explain why.
  • Useful tool:
  • Use this aggressively.

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