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We have helped companies recruit engineers in Dubai, India, and Pakistan.

Some of our works

Projects the Recruited ESF Engineers Have Worked On



  • Real estate CRMs with Docusign and real time document rendering platforms with automated funnels
  • Personal CRMs – integration with SMS/ Zapier and calendars.
  • Small Business CRMs – for teachers, instructors, health fitness.


  • Robinhood competitor using Alpaca APIs with real time trades, messaging queue
  • implementations and asynchronous operations
  • Payment platform for small businesses using banking APIs
  • Real estate transaction platforms with escrow implementation
Web 3

Web 3

  • Decentralized exchanges (DEX)
  • Play to earn ecosystems with gaming guild integrations
  • NFT minting and distribution platform
  • Decentralized protocol designing for cellular connectivity and storage
Distributed systems and telephony

Distributed systems and telephony

  • Setting up low latency, scalable telephony platforms
  • Speech -to-text, text-to-speech implementation with native speech recognition models
  • Virtual agents based on speech engines
  • Integration with legacy systems and switches
How we helped improve their Guerrilla marketing strategy

How we helped improve their Guerrilla marketing strategy

  • CRM for real estate lending
  • Facilitated underwriting
  • Integrated 3rd party real estate APIs
  • Enabled coordination via SMS with relevant people in the underwriting and closing process
  • Facilitated $100M+ in hard money loans across the USA.

Kumar and his team helped develop our deck and reframe our story for VCs and investors. It was incredibly helpful and sped up our seed round substantially

Sean Pawhley

CEO at Seshat Bank

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