Getting Fat, What I’ve Learned

Kumar Thangudu

January 28, 2016

My mind is still stuck on the way our food, drug, and agriculture industry are so inexplicably tied together. It makes me wish I had studied organic chemistry more closely. Carbs/sugars are god awful.I’ll reiterate, I’m not a biochemist. I also believe the gut is NP hard, combinatorially complex, and difficult to model. If you have corrections or comments on this article, feel free to message me.

It punches me in the face every time I spend hours studying the active clinical trials on the market. I see a lot of hardcore research funding spent on attacking somewhat preventible diseases.If you think the movie Concussion was shocking for exposing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy to millions of football parents and kids, wait till you see how cafeterias are fucking over the health of kids everywhere.

This is not a personal choice thing, this is simple biochemistry, the symptom of a highly manufactured environment full of sugars/carbs.
Carbohydrate consumption increases insulin and blocks the leptin signal. What’s leptin? From what I can gather, it tells your ventromedial hypothalamus that you’re full and to stop eating.
No Leptin, no satiety.. You’re completely screwed.
We’ve allowed the food industry to down regulate our dopamine.
We’ve stood by and done nothing to protect our children.
The sequence and quantity of carbohydrate consumption completely afflicts the sedentary population of the United States.
I know because whether drumming, trying to build web ventures, making shitty soundcloud mixtapes, and doing high throughput manufacturing design, I became fat.
I was a massive 215-220 pounds at my largest. Moving to California made me lose weight solely through healthier food options. I’m now “skinny-fat” at a 178 pounds. I’m about 5’10.
Give me any cohort of Europeans and I can easily make them gain weight. I will simply have them spend time in America.
You see, battling our own biochemistry is wrought with failure when we’re surrounded by an artificial environment.

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