I’m a rookie angel investor. My check sizes range from $1k-$20k. I am not a sophisticated investor with credentials or anything of the sort.

I invest not because I think this is how I’ll accumulate capital but because I’m eager to learn more about a market and generally like technology. I work in tech because it absorbed me. Money has always been an after-thought, incidental, or potential occurrence. The entirety of my professional career has been a market bull run sponsored by forces beyond my control, so posting returns would be fool hardy IMHO.

My thesis on technology is that great technologies will always do one or more of the following:

  1. Reduce the LCOE or farm to fork cost per a kilowatt hour of an activity. (LCOE= levelized cost of energy)
  2. Reduce stress on the energy grid.
  3. Reduce the size and scale of the industrial, chemical, and geological footprint of an activity or its underlying creation.
  4. Enable mankind to do something unprecedented.

My greatest joy is in helping back mankind’s ignored hard STEM technologists specifically in materials, electrical, petroleum, chemical, textile, geological, and polymer engineering achieve any of the above 4. If you’d like to talk to me, just reach out. *By electrical engineers, I do not mean arduino wranglers for the most part….*

“O Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage” – Wisdom in Punjabi.