I’m an angel investor in the following companies. My check sizes range from $1k-$20k.

I am not a sophisticated public markets investor a lot of this is my best educated gambling.

My public portfolio major positions include:

  • $PCYG -Park City Group
    • My price target is $80+ in ~ 5 years. I think of this company as the sort of TriNet or Insperity of the food safety and compliance market. 50% of US food audits are completed through this company. If you’re bullish on the Food Safety Modernization act, this is a company worth investigating. PCYG has political firewalls against competition. There will probably be 100-400 companies that startup or are small that try to address components of what is happening, but the staying power of $PCYG is massive.  I’ve written a tweetstorm on it here. 
  • $BA – Boeing
    • Boeing is in the blast radius of SpaceForce spending.
  • $FB – Facebook
    • Facebook has seemingly limitless revenue, profit, and cost levers that they can exploit. <100M people in the USA use WhatsApp, they have brittle ads apis, etc…
  • $TSLA -Tesla
    • The science econometric fundamentals are way off but my buy and hold thesis here is based on the stealth nationalization of US asset classes. You can read more about this here and here. I bought with margin.

Companies I’ve loved working with where I’ve earned a little bit of equity.

  • $MWK – MohawkGP –   is a technology company that launches products on Amazon and other marketplaces.
  • ForgeGlobal – Forge Global is a secondaries marketplace for pre-IPO tech companies.
  • –  Alpaca is a way for algo-traders to register and implement algo-traders online. I’m very bullish on everything we’re doing there and the level of financial accessibility it gives to traders everywhere.