Kumar Thangudu

My Covid19 Oilpocalypse Stock Picks

  • $FCG — 40% of us natural gas comes from now increasingly bankrupt oil wells in the form of associated gas. The supply impact raises the price of natural gas.

  • $FRO, $DHT, $STNG, $EURN — Crude tankers being utilized as floating storage are the beneficiary of IMO2020 and the latest oilpocalypse in prices.

  • $PCYG — Repositrak/Park City Group — the FSVP(Foreign supplier verification program) is not to be taken lightly. Admittedly, I’ve been brainstorming this one with a mentor, but when I dug in, I figured it’s worth the gamble. Food safety and compliance will be in the blast radius of institutional money and revenue of the 500k+ food vendors in the USA.

I’m not a financial advisor. I am a consummate gambler. One way to lose all your money is by copying my gambling mindlessly.

If you’re an algo trader or a web developer it’s worth looking at tools like alpaca.markets.