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N & P


Nitrogen sourcing is a sufficiently tough problem.

This blog post by Ron Shigeta is one of the most well written macro posts on the topic that I’ve read.  

Here’s why:

  • Nitrogen is important for farming.
  • The Haber Bosch process unlocked our ability to source Nitrogen. 
  • Before the Haber Bosch, Nitrogen production and sourcing was much more difficult.
  • In other words, we can think about Nitrogen as one of the limiting mission critical ingredients to civilization.
  • The Haber Bosch process was instrumental in increasing planet population. 
  • As we produce nitrogen rich fertilizer to pour into agriculture, it runs off into the ocean and kills our other food supply, fish.
  • Nitrogen rich fertilizer impeding our fish supply is a bad thing.



This video does a great job of explaining everything about Phosphorus and why it’s relevant to our population size.


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