Our Growth Playbook

We help companies build tactical growth playbooks of non obvious workflows to acquire customers We have a working memory of thousands of tools, the backstories on how companies grew big, and a strong knowledge base of the success ratios of various high risk high reward growth tactics. .

Kumar is the most relentlessly resourceful marketer I know. When it comes to any unorthodox growth tactics for driving real ROI, I’ve not found anyone better.

Brian Norgard

Brian Norgard

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Data is a Weapon of Growth, We Know How To Leverage It

Scraping, Crawling, and Enrichment are Weapons to Find Customers, Audiences, and Generate Content. Examples of high leverage growth systems we’ve built for companies:

  • Ecommerce Tracker -Custom Tool that tracks data of 7M potential Ecommerce sites to sell plugins to.
  • Automated System to Find and Alert businesses of potential customers based on hiring and capital raising signals.

Growth musings

We do turnkey SEO for companies. This is an example of our work and its results
in <12 months armed with a budget of ~12k/month and a team of 16.

Run your growth and engineering blueprint
by a crew who's been wrangling in tech for
10+ years each.

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