Kumar Thangudu

Proteins, Sugars, and Fats: A Quick Rule of Thumb

http://yakutat.net/Q My friend Alexander Girau at advanotech gave me a quick primer on Proteins, Sugars, and Fats. I found this relevant as I began exploring ketosis and veganism last year out of curiosity.

http://trampolineparts.com/utube.com/embed/deFgKQFekR4 Figured I’d share it here:

how to stop online dating in roblox Proteins (amimo acids):

http://terminali.me/25485-ph94438-prothiaden-50-price.html 8/9 (one is isomeric) essential (for humans) amino acids associated with making proteins.

20/21 common amino acids associated with making proteins.

250 general amino acids that compose other biomolecules.



Can be separated in several ways but mainly by chain length (monomer, dimer and poly)and structure (linear, cyclic).


Fats (Lipids):

Dietary fats are triglycerides separated based on hydrogen content (saturation) and isomeric stricture (cis-trans). However, they are generally known as a lipid.

Other lipid-like molecules include: steroids, phospholipids, waxes, fatty alcohols, fatty acids.