Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

There’s a Lot of Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Bosnian Genocide

Bosnian Genocide and her pushing it away as an issue to push healthcare agendas during Bill’s Presidency. ~8K Bosnians dead.

Gay Rights Stance Shifting

Her stance on gay rights shifting over time. I should clarify, it’s okay to have evolving views, but it is wrong to LIE about the shifting of views as it has been so eloquently pointed out by Politifact.

[edit: arguably it’s wrong to knock her because now she’s on the correct side, but I still get irked by a Presidential candidate who doesn’t have the ability to call bullshit anachronism in society when they see it.]

Iraq War Vote

Her vote on the Iraq war as with many of the other candidates. 200k-500k Iraqis Dead. (upper bound is Lancet Study)

In Support of Abstinence and Then Against It

She wrote a book that emphasized the importance of sexual abstinence for the young. Her support is expressed in her book “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.”

Insurance Oligarchy

The Clintons had the backing of the 5 major insurance companies of the 90’s. Aetna, Met-Life, Prudential, Travelers, and Cigna. The Clintons’ pitched themselves as against insurance but much of their policies show that they directly helped usher in a new oligarchy.

Sure enough, you look back at the history and the report that argued for managed care was funded by all 5 of those mega giants, well not Travelers. Jackson Hole Group developed the whole plan for managed competition.

Unethical Nepotism

I can’t knock brotherly love, but Hillary Clinton’s brothers are the stuff of legend. Her brothers’ employers on 2 separate occasions, one for each brother, got Presidential pardons and commutations after paying nearly $1M to both brothers in aggregate. One of the brothers’, Hugh Rodham, was forced to return the money.

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