Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Kumar Thangudu

February 21, 2016

Bosnian Genocide


Bosnian Genocide and her pushing it away as an issue to push healthcare agendas during Bill’s Presidency. ~8K Bosnians dead.


Gay Rights Stance Shifting


Her stance on gay rights shifting over time. I should clarify, it’s okay to have evolving views, but it is wrong to LIE about the shifting of views as it has been so eloquently pointed out by Politifact.

[edit: arguably it’s wrong to knock her because now she’s on the correct side, but I still get irked by a Presidential candidate who doesn’t have the ability to call bullshit anachronism in society when they see it.]


Iraq War Vote

vote on the Iraq war as with many of the other candidates. 200k-500k Iraqis Dead. (upper bound is Lancet Study)

In Support of Abstinence and Then Against It


She wrote a book that emphasized the importance of sexual abstinence for the young. Her support is expressed in her book “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.”

Insurance Oligarchy


The Clintons had the backing of the 5 major insurance companies of the 90’s. Aetna, Met-Life, Prudential, Travelers, and Cigna. The Clintons’ pitched themselves as against insurance but much of their policies show that they directly helped usher in a new oligarchy.

Sure enough, you look back at the history and the report that argued for managed care was funded by all 5 of those mega giants, well not Travelers. Jackson Hole Group developed the whole plan for managed competition.

Unethical Nepotism


I can’t knock brotherly love, but
 Hillary Clinton’s brothers are the stuff of legend. Her brothers’ employers on 2 separate occasions, one for each brother, got Presidential pardons and commutations after paying nearly $1M to both brothers in aggregate. One of the brothers’, Hugh Rodham, was forced to return the money.



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