We build growth playbooks and implement custom growth workflows.

It takes our team about 1-3 weeks to develop a custom bespoke growth playbook full of growth workflows. Our customers then choose à la carte which workflows they want implemented by our team and which they'd like to take on in-house.

Kumar and his team dive deep into growth tactics that are highly effective based on years of experience coming up with creative solutions to get businesses of all types more sign ups and revenue.

Hiten Shah Founder @ FYI

Some ways in which we can help


Tooling & Talent

We are a team of 9. We have a working memory of thousands of tools, apis, sdks, marketing channels, and alternative online data sets that can be developed, used, or built to provide a growth advantage. Our team has built companies and software from the 0 to X stage that has been used by millions of users in production and generated billions of dollars of value.



We have automated 50+ leads funnels using tools ranging from bankruptcy detector scrapers to developing our own workflow for tracking obituaries deaths. Whether you're B2B or B2C, we can provide alpha. Financial institutions rely on some of our custom built software to do 100's of millions of dollars in transactions.


MVP Design & Development

If you're looking to go to market quickly with a digital product but don't want to spend the next months building a product team from scratch, we gotchu. We can help you conceptualize, design, build and launch a variety of web and software businesses so that you can focus on the actual business. Our team has built dozens of products and taken them to market quickly and efficiently.


Skin in the Game

We write pro-rata syndicate checks into the companies we help grow and are open to being paid partly in equity. Chunks have 10x'd in value in some cases and in other cases, they've flopped. In this scenario, our criterion are founders with depth in their space that have completed transactions and product or market place sits in the blast radius of a future potential supply shock.