The Best Real Time Banking API You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – Emburse

Kumar Thangudu

May 15, 2019

On twitter, I’ve discussed the notion of how real time banking APIs will change everything.

The existing banking system makes operating a business a living hell for consultants.

No real time APIs.
No easy way to add accountants for some of them.
No % wise split based routing of income.

I’m looking forward to watching @trycrux crush, kill, and destroy competitors.— Kumar is not on this app for a while (@datarade) March 19, 2019

Banks have no interest in increasing the amount of money leaving their deposits, and as a result, have no interest in creating an environment of real time banking APIs.

Real Time Banking APIs would enable:

  • Fully Automated Bookkeeping with great accuracy. (Similar to but far more refined)
  • Consumer custody of their full itemized receipt data from merchants. (Saving millions of reems of paper every year)
  • A new type of business that is run on automated investments in things like short term and social impact bonds. Even real estate… etc..

Emburse is a new tool that enables this. They give you the power to generate a plastic and virtual card card for founders, employees, and executives in your organization as well as an API.

I believe Emburse is a pioneer in the space. Their API is real time and enables organizations and CFOs to think at scale instead of being bogged down in reporting.

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