The ICO That Might Change Telecom Fundamentally and Why

Kumar Thangudu

July 19, 2017

This will change everything about telecom data. This is a domino effect and chain reaction to follow.


I’m staying up late tonight because I’m seeing something interesting. It’s worth mentioning I’m from India, a country with 300M-400M people who don’t have electricity at night and only 17% mobile penetration.

To say I care about telecom is an understatement.

As of tonight……there’s a coin backed with actual physical assets that could change the fundamental infrastructure of my country.

Telecom and ICT in the USA Suck Because Incentive Structures Are Broken

Cox Communications doesn’t give a shit and has zero motivation to build out fiber line. Google’s naivete has them trying and failing to build out fiberline.

Google Fiber line will always be a joke unless it becomes liquid in data.*

Cryptocurrency could unhinge that with the right incentive structure…. Mobile data/dentcoin is just the start…

If Mobile Data is first and Tier 1 Operators are On Board, the Next Thing to Have Cryptocurrency Happen to it is Spectrum Rights.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. This is a delineation of my beliefs and thoughts on telecom and how a new form of cryptocurrency could disinter-mediate the handling of spectrum rights bidding. I worked with the founders of dentcoin, but wrote this post independently of them, and I am generally very passionate about telecom.

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