The Only Analytics I Truly Care About in The Zero To X Stage of Web Ventures

At the zero to x stage of a web venture, I only care about 3 types of analytics/custom reports.

  1. Scroll Depth – I want to know how far down the page the user is scrolling.
  2. Referral Links – I want to know which full referral links are driving the most converting traffic. This allows me to give a price to marketing and trying to get similar high value backlinks. I setup this custom report in google analytics, feel free to use it. 
  3. Visitor Flow – The visitor flow will allow me to look for failed navigation design. If visitors are constantly flipping back and forth in the nav menu without a clear action, the navigation is probably poorly designed.

I strongly believe that in the zero to X of a web venture, that talking to users has 100x the value of analytics. Any tool that allows you to have phone call conversations with customers is worth quite a bit of money to the early stage venture.

Typing fatigue is real. Talking is mentally cheaper than typing, which is why as much as possible, you want to get the customer on the phone and hear out their gripes and workflows. 

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