The Things I Believe That Very Few People Believe

Kumar Thangudu

December 04, 2015

I encourage everyone to write a blog post about their unconventional or non-common beliefs. If you do, feel free to share it with me: @datarade.

  1. Intellectual Property is counterproductive to the advancement of humanity and we should abolish it. The golden ticket is for great markets to reward prolific monopolists, not oligarchal non-creators. The riches should belong to the creators. 
  2. Energy Realities: I don’t think Solar will save the planet. 
  3. Fusion won’t change the world. 
  4. Fusion’s fuel costs are 2000x to 3000x more expensive per a gram than uranium powered fission. 
  5. Nuclear Fission can buy us quite a bit of time to innovate and/or reduce bad consumptive behavior, but we’re stuck in limbo with most of the population being scientifically incompetent and politically against it. Damn Merkel’s Germany. 
  6. We will rely on coal, oil, and natural gas well into the next 30 years. Liquid hydrocarbons are key to our foreseeable future. Hopefully, Nuclear too. 
  7. It’s unclear how the progress of Galvanic Battery Chemistry will keep up with our dreams of solar. You see with solar, the sun doesn’t always shine, and the majority of electricity consumption happens outside the 8 hours of sunshine. 
  8. Battery storage’s progress, as with all technology, happens on S-Curves, and is not infinitely exponential. 
  9. There’s a couple of exciting outs. But most of them require a black swan event. 
  10. Pharmaceuticals : We should ban the Kefauver Harris Amendment Efficacy clause in favor of a more prolific pharmaceutical industry. Demanding safety of drugs is necessary. Demanding efficacy is onerous and counterproductive to the helpful nature of drugs. There is a balance that must be met to advance the innovators but protect the consumer. 
  11. Nootropics are overhyped baloney. 
  12. The Biggest Problems of the Century: The things we should really be worried about in this century relate to Nitrogen and Phosphorus. We are slaves to Nitrogen. Our topsoil is disappearing and along with it, a lot of requisite phosphorus. Phosphorus is the disappearing nutrient.
  13. Hyperloop: The hyperloop is bad econometrics and great research. It’s not market viable. Placing pylons with the level of necessary precision/accuracy directly on earthquake frequent earth at the low percieved price would basically make the civil engineers behind it….well it would make them gods. 
  14. Innovating out of Consumption: The True macro problems of the planet cannot be solved by innovating to allow everyone to consume seemingly limitlessly. At best, we can probably have a base level of consumption that makes sense to advance all of humanity to, but at the core to win the war, we must train humans to fundamentally consume less, not encourage them to consume more. 
  15. Growth: Limitless exponential growth doesn’t happen in the physical world.

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