To Work in Web is to Be Constantly Behind the Curve

To work in web is to be constantly behind the curve.

I didn’t think I’d be in this position for such a long time, but that’s the nature of the game. I’ve been at the game for a few years now. I love the game. It’s in my blood. I’m not remotely talented, but I’m obsessed.

I know I’m pretty good at what I do, not because of intelligence or anything extraordinary, but because taking a vacation from doing web things isn’t on the plate as an option for me. I just love what I do that much.

It’s a downregulation of dopamine type thing. It’s been a downhill battle ever since I made my first web property that got converting traffic. In web, I’m barely even a failure.

Now I’m putting my skillsets to good use on HDPHealth to try to make an impact on the drug development pipeline and on the lives of those with chronic illnesses.

My sea of work…

  • Used Google Analytics for over 450 websites in the last 4 years. 
  • Owned/transacted/conducted over 500 domain names. 
  • Built over 700 landing pages. 
  • Signed up for over 3400 apps according to gmail. 
  • Paid subscriptions to over 250 services at a time. 
  • Written 300+ blog posts and Quora Posts. 
  • Driven over a few billion page views. 
  • Received over 3 Billion Page views and I stopped tracking it a while ago. 
  • Sent out over 10M tweets and 2M direct messages via twitter bots. 
  • Downloaded over 10,000 mobile apps. 
  • Sent 100M emails. 
  • Scraped, crawled, and manipulated over 60M pieces of data. 

Tomorrow there’s 15,000 web and mobile apps coming out. I used to have the naïveté to believe that I was ahead of the curve.

There’s no such thing in web.

There is only behind the curve.

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