Ux-er, Designer, Programmer, Advertiser, Marketer — Web’s Great Abstraction.

Kumar Thangudu

August 23, 2015

15,000+ web and mobile apps come out every day. The trend is very clear, the hardest tasks on web are quickly becoming abstracted. The barriers to entry have become absurdly low for people who are non-technical.


Don’t think you can design graphics? Not true. You can use Canva.

I can train high school kids to design killer advertisements. All the thinking around color swatches etc… is abstracted. Check out this advertisement we created in seconds for LinkTexting.

UX God or Goddess?

Don’t think you know UX? Not true. You can use ProductHunt and + IXDChecklist to learn a lot about UX. There’s 15,000 web and mobile apps that launch every day. Do SWOT analysis and you’ll know the behavior of millions.

Industry Insider?

Don’t think you can learn a lot about an industry quickly? Not true.

You can ask questions on over 6000 subreddits, to millions of Quorans, and see hundreds of Slideshare presentations on customers and industries.

Website Builder? Don’t think you can learn to make a website? Not true. There’s hundreds of landing page builders. WixWeeblyStrikinglyInstapage and they take minutes to use and get a page going.

Programmer Extraordinaire.

Don’t think you can code something up? Not true. You can pseudo-code complex apps with Zapier, Blockspring, and Google Sheets.

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