Behooved by The System


The more I learn how clinical trials, publicly traded pharma, IP rights,hedge funds, and how the USDA operates, the more behooved I become by the system. I feel like an old man in a castle who has barely just began to see out the tower.

Clinical Trials

We have a prolific drug industry who makes and spends billions developing drugs for people with chronic illnesses, many of which are preventible by radicalization of diet environment. (Metabolic syndrome related diseases.) We consume way too many damn carbs.

We shouldn’t be spending this much to recruit for trials for debilitatingly preventative diseases. This is a symptom of bad food policy here in the USA, courtesy of the FDA.

There exists a venture backable business model for recruiting diabetes patients. Diabetes or 9/10ths of the occurences are preventible via diet. (Trial Reach recruits for more than just diabetes.)

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Patent System as is.

We have a patent system that encourages developing drugs that interact with a small number of enzymes and molecules that we already know and understand how they operate. Low if not zero risk.

It turns out that predicting a protein’s structure from it’s amino acid chain sequence is really tough. Figuring out what each strand of ACGT’s does…..really hard and will take us a long time.

It’ll take even longer because the industry patents pathways, treatment methodologies, research tools, and assays. From my observations in the space, I conclude that this must be a paralyzing bottleneck for the industry. Maybe, I’m naiive, still cornering how this works.

Hedge Funds

All the wrong reasons to challenge the patent, but this exists as a reason.
All the wrong reasons to challenge the patent, but this exists as a reason.

Hedge funds can issue challenges to drug patent holders. I figured this out after a lot of finagling. Somehow, I doubt our incompetent SEC will pick up on this. Understanding what’s happened after the hedge fund manager sticks it to the pharma company….well that requires some sophistication. This seems to be totally and utterly illegal. I’m surprised this type of behavior is NOT considered market manipulation.

Just my two cents.

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