What to Read, Who to Follow, and What to Download to Learn About Cryptocurrency

I run a free private group of 400+ crypto, payments, and fintech founders where members help each other navigate regulatory structures and close deals.

It’s called Titans of Fintech. I run another such group with 50+ blockchain developers that are vetted by 2 CS PhDs who read through people’s open source code to vet everyone. (We’ve turned down about 200 applications.)

Over the last few months I’ve learned a lot about cryptocurrency, still much more to learn of course, but these are some of the best resources I’ve used to learn.

What to Read

  1. Read Jameson Lopp’s Guide to Bitcoin.

  2. Read CryptoMinded

  3. Download CryptoNaut (disclaimer: I’m helping the founder with writing some content, you can use different tools to monitor prices — there’s many out there)

Who Should I follow?

My personal take is that the people to follow in cryptocurrency land are people who actually build the infrastructure, the cyberpunks, and the folks who were in the space long before the hype.

People who have created protocols:

  1. Emin Gun Sirer — has been passionate about distributed systems for 10+ years. Been building stuff for over a decade.

  2. Jameson Lopp — Blockchain developer — very passionate.

  3. Adam Back — Cyberpunk and CEO of BlockStream

  4. Christopher Allen Fellow CyberPunk. Principal Architect at BlockStream. Took him to dinner one day and learned loads. Informative on twitter.

  5. Creators of Specific Cryptocurrencies: Riccardo “FluffyPony” SpagniJackson PalmerVitalik ButerinCharlie Lee — Monero, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin creators.

  6. Noah Ruderman — Security Researcher and Practitioner.

  7. Andreas Antonopoulos — Cryptocurrency evangelist, programmer, and someone who was speaking to rooms of 3–5 people in 2013. Passionate. Good people.

  8. Bitcoin Maximalists: Saife Dean Ahmoud & Kevin Pham *note- they are bitcoin maximalists, sometimes angry, but entertaining too.

  9. Crypto Hedge Fund Managers: Ari NazirSteven Mckie, and Ari David Paul.

  10. Mikko Ohtamaa

Disclaimer: Mikko & Noah are friends and former housemates.*

If you think there’s anyone or any resources I should add to this list, please tweet to me Kumar Thangudu.

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