Why You Should Write

Kumar Thangudu

May 19, 2016

Most people don’t ever put themselves in a very public position to be challenged.

That’s what writing does.

Without writing, we may go on believing everything we think is true. It’s one thing to discuss an issue and even orally, but your cognition has no permanence it isn’t crystallized like writing is.

I think writing publicly to an audience that can critique us shows us the fragility of our cognition and just how weak we really are mentally.

Writing is a form of spartan training for your brain in a lot of ways. If you’re willing to try nootropics to try to get smarter, you should definitely experiment with writing too.Try writing and getting it heavily critiqued.

It’s a form of improvement.

Most people would never put themselves in a position to have their cognitive understanding of something challenged by a large group of people.

To get smarter, educate yourself, and educate others, but be open to correction, critique, being challenged, and evidence when it’s presented.

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