We build custom bespoke growth infrastructure to scale companies.

  • 20-50 full time Engineers & Designers (seasonality) 
  • Multilingual Team (English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and Portuguese) 
  • Experience implementing growth infrastructure across good, bad, ugly teams, markets, and products. 
  • We have influencer scale reach on specific social media platforms whereby we own the content creation and accounts themselves that have been built over the last 7+ years. 

Examples of things we’ve built in the past:

  • Large scale ecommerce tracker of 7M ecommerce websites that hunted for ones which had low speed image load, increasing SEO rank combined with large google adspend and flagged the CEO’s email address for selling a CDN –
  • Bot that found companies that raised money based on news headlines and sourced the email addy of the founder and automatically emailed them
  • Twitter bot that iteratively got products in front of the right customers at scale in the electronics space. 
We are engineers and then marketers. Our approach to user acquisition is a bit different than most. 

Customers We Have Worked With


Kumar and his team dive deep into growth tactics that are highly effective based on years of coming up with creative solutions to get businesses all types more signups and revenue.

Hiten Shah


Hiten Shah, Founder @ FYI

Kumar is probably among the most creative and relentless growth marketers alive today.
His creativity is best compared to Leonardo Da Vinci, but leveraging a multitude of APIs,
scraping, various platforms, tools, and workflows instead of a paintbrush.

Peter O’Malley, Founder @