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Me with a dog named Batman. In my free time, I love taking care of dogs and drumming.

Hi there.

  • I help companies scale.
  • I have helped over 100+ good, bad, and ugly startups navigate growth marketing since 2014. I have a knack for planning and implementing non-obviated growth tactics and have helped companies scale.
  • I trained at Georgia Tech in Industrial Systems Engineering, for a brief bit Polymer-Textile-Fiber Engineering til the program was shut down. have worked on multiple 100M+ tonne manufacturing systems in the materials industry. I care deeply about energy poverty because of my experiences growing up in the developing world.
  • I’m an active Product Hunter
  • I bootstrapped 2 small businesses online- LeanBelts and LinkTexting (Acquired) .

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  • Read some of my writing on Quora, where I was declared a top Writer of 2016 & 2017.
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