We build custom bespoke growth infrastructure for companies with our remote distributed team of  20+ Engineers. Our founder Kumar Thangudu  formed EngineerSF with the intention of helping tech companies build custom growth infrastructure. In our core team, EngineerSF recruits for people with a gritty restless itch for building things and technology. 

EngineerSF has worked with top silicon valley companies and funds and have run our organization more like an engineering institution than a brand marketing agency. What differentiates us from competitors is the degree to which we are technical in our approach. In prior lives, we have worked at the edges of physical phenomena in engineering(not web development) and have a love of technology and science in all its forms.

Clients We Have Worked With


Kumar and his team dive deep into growth tactics that are highly effective based on years of coming up with creative solutions to get businesses all types more signups and revenue.

Hiten Shah


Hiten Shah, Founder @ FYI

Kumar is probably among the most creative and relentless growth marketers alive today.
His creativity is best compared to Leonardo Da Vinci, but leveraging a multitude of APIs,
scraping, various platforms, tools, and workflows instead of a paintbrush.

Peter O’Malley, Founder @ 


Within 3 Minutes Of A Founder Brainstorming With Us,
They’ll Know How We’re Different.

What We Do


Growth Playbook
We dive into companies for 1-4 weeks
and build custom growth playbooks that
show in detail atypical ways to grow
companies beyond spending money on
Facebook ads, hiring more white collar
staff, or sponsorships

Growth Deployments
We build custom bespoke growth
infrastructure that ye, few teams know
how to build. 

We build 3-5 micro SaaS projects per a
year. Some of them are hidden and
operational cash flow positive and you’ll
never know what they do. Others are
being launched publicly. 

Squad Augmentation
We team up with entrepreneurs, Private
Equity, or other agencies to help them
build and wrangle growth infrastructure and core engineering. We have skin in the game on the success of these businesses.