We wrangle growth for tech companies.

We build custom bespoke growth infrastructure for user acquisition.

Kumar and his team dive deep into growth tactics that are highly effective based on years of experience coming up with creative solutions to get businesses of all types more sign ups and revenue.

Hiten Shah Founder @ FYI



Some of our best work, we donโ€™t talk about online.


Tooling & Team

We are a team of 20+ engineers. We have a working memory of thousands of tools, apis, sdks and our squad speaks 7 languages and have operated in multi-disciplinary engineering fields ranging from particle accelerators to website optimization.



We have automated 50+ leads funnels using tools ranging from bankruptcy. We have our own infrastructure and spend upwards of $50k/month on it.


Skin In The Game

We write pro-rata syndicate checks into the companies we help grow and are open. We play in both the public and private markets and focus on businesses that have a combination of gritty founders, products sitting in the blast radius of supply shocks, and hard STEM competency.

Kumar is probably among the most creative and relentless growth marketers alive today. His creativity is best compared to Leonardo Da Vinci, but leveraging a multitude of APIs, scraping, and various platforms instead of a paintbrush.

Peter O'Malley CEO & Founder @ Advisable.com

By the way, tweetstorms are kinda our thing, see founders from all over the world getting deep tactical growth advice in seconds.....

Engineer Turned Marketer

Our founder is an Industrial Systems Engineer with an operations research and polymer-textile-fiber engineering focus that switched into technical marketing in 2013.

Many of the blog posts on this site range from geopolitics, to materials science, to marketing. The EngineerSF team doesn’t care much for credentials, but prefers to get to the brass tacks of problems and brainstorming them. We hunt for dark horse talent and have a relentless work ethic.ย 

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