Guerrilla Marketing Gives
Companies a Covert Alpha in
Acquiring Customers

Kumar has helped me double the size of my software business with his actionable advice and marketing insight. The marketing plan that he helped me build is bringing in tremendous ROI and will continue to help Deep Lawn scale.”

Joel Northrup

CEO at Deeplawn

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8.6x Returns on non-obvious automation
$15k in spend ----> $130k in sales

The company specializes in dev tools, the first photo is month 1, the last photo is month 4. The company to this day
still uses the techniques ESF implemented to convert large customers. The CEO was perplexed because the
automations ESF built were outperforming the indigenous sales team.

How we used one of our Growth playbook to
improve organic growth stats

We do turnkey SEO for companies. This is an exapmle of our work and its results in <12 months armed
with a budget of ~12k/month and a team of 16. The ESF SEO team consists of writers, onsite SEO
specialists, outbound blog post hunters, and some SEO vets with 10+ years of experience across google
ads and search rankings. We’ve achieved $50M in affiliate fintech, apparel, and gaming product sales
over the years.

Most startups don’t build their traffic
engine before building their product.
We’ve helped companies achieve the

Run your growth and engineering blueprint
by a crew who's been wrangling in tech for
10+ years each.

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